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Stamp maker

Stamp makerのキャプチャ

★Name Stamp and Custom Stamp shop★

For busy Mom! Convenient set of stamps including Name Stamps and Alphabet Stamps with a Multi-Surface Stamp Pad! This will be a great help for labeling school name tags and other belongings for children. You can put stamps on paper, plastic, metal, fabric, rubber, wood, and leather. The ink will last after wash! No more writing, sewing or ironing!
※Our stamps are made to order. It last long. Made in Japan quality!

We also make Custom Stamps! Please send your original artwork(illustrator AI file and EPS file only).
For your company, shop, team, etc. It's also a good gift for friends and family! Let us make your unique one!

■■■ shipping, shipping costs ■■■
You can not specify a delivery date and time. All stamps are made to order. 1-3 business days to complete.

【Japan】 Japan Post: nonstandard‐sized mail
shipping cost:560 JPY
shipping: 3-4days

【oversee】 Japan Post: EMS
shipping cost: 1,100 JPY
Singapore / Apx. 6 days
Malaysia / Apx. 6 days
Hong Kong / Apx. 5 days
Taiwan / Apx. 6 days
Thailand / Apx. 5 days
South Korea / Apx. 5 days

※Other countries and regions
There are some countries and regions where we're unable to ship to.
In that case, your order will be canceled.
Details will be announced by sending you an e-mail after your order.

■■■ Customs, Duties, and Tax ■■■
Applicable customs and import duties will be charged after the parcel arrives in its destination country. These charges must be paid separately by the customer.

■■■ Design Guidelines ■■■

□File format
Illustrator AI file or EPS file for version 10 or lower.
If you are using Adobe Illustrator version CS above, please save as an EPS file or AI file for version 10.

□Color mode
Your artwork must be done in black and white.

Fonts must be outlined.

Make sure your artwork be done the same size of the stamp.

※Please choose the item within the actual size.
ex. your artwork ⇒ item
70mm x 35mm ⇒ Custom Stamp 70mm x 40mm
70mm x 48mm ⇒ Custom Stamp 70mm x 70mm

※If you'd like to make stamps smaller than 20mm, please choose the item [ Custom Stamp 20mm x 20mm ].

Lines must be done more than 0.5pt(0.2mm).
※If it's thinner than 0.5pt(0.2mm), the stamp will be fuzzy.

Pleas place images into Illustrator as embedded images(350dpi, black and white colored(thresholded) Photoshop EPS file or JPEG/TIFF file).

□File name
Alphanumeric only.
Please save the file with extention like [sample.eps].

□Output sample
Please save the output sample as Jpeg file or png file, and send it with your artwork.

□File compression
Please compress all files together in one folder into a zip file or SIT file before sending it.

※Please print your file out on paper before you send it in. Your stamp will only be as good as your artwork. If it looks fuzzy to you, your stamp will look the same way. Please send us clean crisp artwork.

■■■ Data Submission Guide ■■■
Send files ( up to 10MB ) via e-mail.
We will announce you the e-mail address for submitting files by e-mail after your order has been placed.
Please send files within 3 days after you recieved our announcement. In case it's difficult to send files within 3 days, please let us know. If we do not hear from you within a week of your due date, and no files are submitted by then, your order will be canceled.

Please note:
※Please make sure to put [Custom stamp data] in the Subject.
※Please make sure to put [ order number ] and [ your name ] in the Body text.
If these information is missing, your order will be canceled.
※The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 10MB.
※Folders cannot be specified for uploading. So, all files must be put together into the same folder and compressed into a single archive before they are uploaded.

If we find any issues with your files we will contact you.
It usually takes 2-3days to make custom stamps after receiving your files. We appreciate your patience in this process.



忙しいママの味方!お子様の入園や入学準備のマストアイテム、お名前スタンプと何かと便利なアルファベットスタンプをセットでご用意しました!これがあると保育園や学校へ持っていく物のお名前付けが捗ります。 紙、プラスチック、金属、布、ゴム、木材、皮革にスタンプ出来るマルチスタンプ台付き。洗濯もできます!もう書いたり、縫ったり、アイロンしなくていいんです!


■■■ 配送・送料について ■■■

【日本国内】 郵便局:定形外郵便物
 全国一律 560円 配送予定日:3-4日

【海外】 郵便局: EMS
 配送料: 1,100円
 シンガポール / 約6日
 マレーシア / 約6日
 香港 / 約5日
 台湾 / 約6日
 タイ / 約5日
 韓国 / 約5日


■■■ 関税および輸入税、などの税金 ■■■

■■■ 入稿データ作成の注意点 ■■■

□Adobe Illustrator ver.10以下で書き出して下さい。

Illustrator ai形式またはeps形式

画像を含み、全てスミ(黒)1色 ※グラデーションなどは不可


【作成データサイズ】  【対象商品】
70mm x 横35mm ⇒ 70mm x 40mm
70mm x 横48mm ⇒ 70mm x 70mm


350dpiの2階調化したPhotoshop EPSまたはJPEG/TIFFファイルを埋め込み配置して下さい。





■■■ データの入稿方法 ■■■



Stamp maker
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